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There are many important parts of your Acura that you might not even think of maintaining. One of these might be the weather stripping on your vehicle. The weather stripping is installed near the various openings of your windows and doors. It's very important to maintain, because it works to help prevent outside elements from getting inside your vehicle. The weather stripping in your Acura helps to keep all of these areas sealed and shut tight. The material that weather stripping is made from helps to make sure that no moisture or excess air gets inside your vehicle. It prevents your vehicle's interior from becoming damaged and also ensures you have a comfortable drive. Weather stripping is something that can wear down over time. It might crack or in some cases even come away from the doors and windows. You can find OEM replacement weather stripping for Acura models here on our site.
Weather-Strip Front Door
Part Number: 8-97260-783-0
Replaces: 8-97128-680-1
  • Acura:
    • SLX
MSRP $91.80
MSRP $91.80

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